Advertiser's Features

Advertisers: - Users who advertise their ads by purchasing clicks and/or impressions.

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Compose your ads with link to your website and get Unique Visitors.

You pay only for Real and Unique visitors that come to your website through your ads with our network.

You are in full control of the cost. You are able to specify how much budget you would like spend in total, as will as how much you would spend on a daily basis and the amount that you are willing to pay per click or impression.

We publish your ads on several thousand websites with our network as per your selected Geo Target. Your ads will appear on the content sites within's network. Our system scans our publishers' content and places your ads on pages that contain related content.

Upon signing up, you can start creating your campaigns. The campaigns are instantly approved and will start showing on our network of publishers in minutes after creating them.

We have foolproof fraud click detection system, so you only pays for unique and real visitors.

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You pay as little as Rs. 0.05 ($ 0.001) per each unique real visitor.

Visitors come to your website through yourself composed ads so they are sure for target & interested in what you are offering.

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